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authorAustin J. Bailey was born and raised in Utah. He is a fiction author and novelist, writing in the middle grade and young adult fantasy genres. Austin has been reading books and making up stories since he was a little kid. In those days, he was dressed like Peter Pan, Robin Hood, cowboys, and wizards, more often than he was dressed like himself. Today he wears normal clothes, but he is still making up stories, and now he has learned to write them down.

On his journey to becoming an author Austin had interesting side adventures like working as a landscaper, cabinet maker, massage therapist, and LDS missionary (not all at the same time).  Along the way he got a black belt, a degree in psychology, a very impressive sock collection, and the most wonderful wife in the world. He enjoys traveling the world with her and their son Daniel, eating interesting foods, exploring castles, and getting ideas for new books.

Austin writes funny, meaningful fantasy adventures for kids of all ages. Be sure to sign up for his New Releases Newsletter so that you know when new stories come out.

If you want to get in touch, the easiest way is to complete the short contact form below. Alternatively, his personal email address is: austinjbailey[at]gmail.com (note: don’t forget to replace [at] with @).

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